Filipino Dried Meat

FilStop has several dried meat choices for you including dried pork and chicken. We also carry Chinese sausages and pork sung. Oh, you haven't tried pork sung yet? We suggest you do. It's a light and fluffy delight that you can spread on toast, top on congee or mix in porridge. Take a look through our selection and order some today.

Dried Meat

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Golden Mountain Pork Sausage 16oz
In Stock: 268
2.10 lbs
Price: $5.69
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Martin Purefoods Chorizo De Bilbao 5oz
In Stock: 72
2.40 lbs
Price: $2.79 $2.39
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Senor El Rey Chorizo De Bilbao 5oz
In Stock: 36
2.40 lbs
Price: $3.09
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Orchard Uncooked Chinese Style Sausages 14oz
In Stock: 22
1.50 lbs
Price: $5.59
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Marca El Rey Chorizos 3lbs
Out of Stock
4.30 lbs
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Venus Chinese Style Sausage 16oz
Out of Stock
2.10 lbs
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Venus Chinese Style Sweet Sausage 12oz
Out of Stock
2.10 lbs
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Filipino Dried Meat

How do you like to eat and prepare dried meat? Do you add it to recipes or do you eat it right out of the package? Or maybe you haven't tried any dried meat yet? Well what are you waiting for? We suggest you try it right away. It's a delicious snack and a flavorful ingredient for many dishes and meals.

FilStop carries dried pork, chicken and duck liver from brands such as Golden Mountain, Kimbo, Venus, Orchard and Asian Taste.

We also have pork sung. Have you had pork sung before? There is nothing like the light and fluffy texture and the rich and salty pork flavor. It tastes great topped on congee, mixed in porridge or spread on toast. This is a must try food. Seriously.

We also carry Chinese style sausages. These sausages have a long shelf life and can be used in a multitude of ways. And they're great to keep in the fridge for those times when you don't have a plan for dinner. They taste great chopped up and mixed with rice or spaghetti. They make cooking meals easy.

To get started on your meals, order some dried meat from FilStop now.