Dried Vegetables

Dried vegetables are a convenient way to add delicious and nutritious tastes to all of your preferred meals and recipes. Dried veggies can enhance soups, stews and salads. Just take a look through the great selection at FilStop. You will have plenty of inspiration to prepare popular meals. Order some today.

Dried Vegetables

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Wang Derm Dried Black Jelly Fungus 2oz
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Wang Derm Fried Red Onion 3.5oz
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Wang Derm Fried Red Onion 8oz
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Wei Chuan Dried Mushroom 5oz
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Young Elephant Green Mung Beans 14oz
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Dried Vegetables

Whatever dried vegetable your recipe calls for, you can probably find it at FilStop. We carry a wide variety of dried vegetables. Just take a look through our selection. You won't be disappointed.

We carry dried taro leaves, mung beans, banana blossoms, fried red onion, fried garlic, lily flower, Chinese black beans, mushrooms, seaweed, banana blossoms, aniseeds, kamias and fried shallots.

These dried vegetables make a delicious addition to so many recipes. Stews? Better with dried mushrooms. Soups? Scrumptious when you add mung beans. Salads? Super with banana blossoms. And fried garlic can make any dish delectable. No matter where you use it.

Taro leaves. Have you tried this wonderful delight? It is a commonly used ingredient in Filipino cooking. A favorite recipe is laing, a spicy and tantalizing meal. In addition to the taro leaves it also includes coconut milk and chili. And taro leaves are healthy too. It has a high percentage of protein and boasts large quantities of fibre and vitamins A and C.

So take a look through our variety of dried vegetables at FilStop. Once you order them, they last a long time in your cupboard or pantry. This way they are ready and waiting whenever you need them. For all of your most delicious meal ideas.