Filipino Recipes

Enjoy authentic Filipino food with these easy to follow Filipino recipes with ingredients available for purchase.

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Filipino Pork Asado Recipe
Filipino Pork Asado Recipe This is a very simple dish that’s perfect for dinner or family gatherings. Delicious with fish or chili sauce. Serves 4 to 6
Filipino Pancit Canton Recipe
Filipino Pancit Canton Recipe Pancit means noodles. Any pancit dish is a comfort food dish and adaptable to any local cuisine. Here we’ll use pork, chicken and shrimp for a warm treat for a cold day. Serves 4 to 6.
Filipino Pork Snowpeas Recipe
Filipino Pork Snowpeas Recipe This classic Chinese dish made its way the Philippines and stuck. To be eaten with rice or over noodles. Serves 4 to 6
Filipino Pork Tausi Recipe
Filipino Pork Tausi Recipe Tausi means black beans and this meal is a delight in both texture and flavor. This recipe is also called Humba. Serves 4 to 6
Filipino Pork Tocino Recipe
Filipino Pork Tocino Recipe Pork Tocino is a sweet dish usually served for breakfast. “Tocino” is Spanish for “bacon” or “cured meat”. This recipe requires pork pigue or kasim, which is basically ham shoulder sliced in ¼” strips. The collection of spices is what makes pork tocino so special and delicious. Serves 4 to 6