Filipino Recipes

Enjoy authentic Filipino food with these easy to follow Filipino recipes with ingredients available for purchase.

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Filipino Baked Tilapia Recipe
Filipino Baked Tilapia Recipe Another great lent meal. This is a non-fried version of this marvelous fish. Baked tilapia is often served with pickled bilimbi, a small green-yellow, sour fruit. Serves 4 to 6.
Filipino Baked Ziti Recipe
Filipino Baked Ziti Recipe Along with Spanish and French influence, there is a number of Italian dishes that made it to the islands of the Philippines. Here is an example of one. Serves 6 to 8.
Filipino Boiled Peanuts Recipe
Filipino Boiled Peanuts Recipe The Philippines have a lot of peanuts and there are a lot of ways to cook them. We’re going to boil them here. Peanuts are best boiled raw, in a semi-mature state so the peanuts are still green and have achieved full size without being dried out. Make sure to cook these peanuts in their shells.
Filipino Guisadong Ampalaya Recipe
Filipino Guisadong Ampalaya Recipe Ampalaya just got healthier. For this recipe, you’ll combine this nutritious melon with egg in a stir fry making it one of the healthiest recipes listed. Serves 4 to 6.
Filipino Gulaman Sago Recipe
Filipino Gulaman Sago Recipe Gulaman Sago is a popular Filipino refreshment served in restaurants, street stands as a quick snack or after dinner treat.