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Enjoy authentic Filipino food with these easy to follow Filipino recipes with ingredients available for purchase.

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Filipino Ampalaya Con Carne Recipe
Filipino Ampalaya Con Carne Recipe Ampalaya is a bitter fruit widely grown in Asia, usually eaten as it begins to yellow. Ampalaya helps to prevent diabetes, is high in anti-oxidants and aids digestion. Here we’ll stir fry it with beef to neutralize the bitter taste of the fruit. This is one of the most popular and delicious dishes in the Philippines.
Filipino Arroz Caldo Recipe
Filipino Arroz Caldo Recipe In Spanish, this dish literally means broth rice. Arroz Caldo is eaten in colder climates because it offers a warm, soft and easily digestible meal. Very similar to the Chinese Congee. Serves 4 to 6 people
Filipino Atsara Recipe
Filipino Atsara Recipe This is the Philippine’s contribution to Asian pickles. Like pickles, it can be stored in airtight jars without refrigeration, once opened atsara must be refrigerated. Any vegetable may be used but usually its green papaya. Here we’ll use green papaya, carrots and red pepper.
Filipino Inihaw Na Tilapia Recipe
Filipino Inihaw Na Tilapia Recipe Inihaw na tilapia literally means to grill tilapia in skewers over high heat. Any inihaw dish is an ideal and simple recipe for hot nights when you’re not in the mood to cook. Inihaw na tilapia can be cooked over a grill or in the oven. Serves 2 to 4.
Filipino Bananaque Recipe
Filipino Bananaque Recipe Banana-que is a popular and delicious street food. The “que” refers to this snack being served on a bamboo skewer. Serves 8 to 10 people