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Enjoy authentic Filipino food with these easy to follow Filipino recipes with ingredients available for purchase.

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Filipino Chicken Pastel Recipe
Filipino Chicken Pastel Recipe This is a very special dish with a collection of ingredients, which provides this stew’s distinctive flavor. Sometimes this stew is served as a casserole or potpie, here we’ll serve as a stew, simply and delicious. Serves 4 to 6
Filipino Chicken Pochero Recipe
Filipino Chicken Pochero Recipe This is a delicious chicken dish with a blend of Spanish influences using Filipino ingredients. Chicken Pochreo combines chorizo de bilbao (Spanish blood sausage), vegetables, saba bananas and cooked with chickpeas or potatoes. Here we’ll use chickpeas. Serves 4 to 6
Filipino Chop Suey  Recipe
Filipino Chop Suey Recipe This is a dish introduced to the Philippines by the Chinese. However, some say that Chop Suey is actually an American dish created in the 19th century by the flux of Chinese immigrants in both New York and San Francisco. If this dish came to the Philippines from its Chinese immigrants, or because of its American rule, we’ll never know. It is cooked in a wok and combines many varieties of vegetable and meats.
Filipino Crab Omelet Recipe
Filipino Crab Omelet Recipe This dish explains itself. Instead of cheese or bacon filing the middle, this omelet is filled with crab.
Filipino Daing Bangus Recipe
Filipino Daing Bangus Recipe Bangus is milkfish, native to Indonesia and spread throughout the Philippines, Taiwan and the Pacific. Daing refers to its preparation. Here we will marinade it with vinegar and garlic. Bangus takes 24 hours to marinate so begin a day in advance. While it takes 24 hours to marinate, Daing Bangus is very easy to cook and goes well with fried eggs and atchara. Serves 4 to 6