Florence Halo-Halo Mix 12oz - FLORENCE - Bottled Halo Halo

Florence Halo-Halo Mix 12oz
A Halo-Halo mix thats delicious and ready to go!

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Are you always on the go and always on travel that you do not have time to go to a snack house to relax and chill out? No problem, you can still enjoy a tall glass or a bowl of a sweet snack with Florence Halo-Halo Mix 12oz. Halo-halo is the Tagalog word halo which means mix. It is a mixture of different sweet beans and sweet fruits. To fully experience Halo-halo, pour Florence Halo-Halo Mix 12oz in a tall glass or a bowl. You can prepare two or more with this 12oz bottle. It depends how tall or big your container is as long as there is room for crushed ice and evaporated milk later on top of the mixed ingredients. You can put ice cream or leche flan slice for toppings.

Enjoy your homemade halo-halo with Florence Halo-Halo Mix 12oz in the comforts of your home with family and friends as you enjoy each other's company.

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