Florence Halo-Halo Mix 24oz - FLORENCE - Bottled Halo Halo

Florence Halo-Halo Mix 24oz
Halo-Halo mix thats ready for your favorite glass and the nearest spoon.
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It is the middle of the night and you suddenly felt that sweet cravings which you cannot wait to fulfil right away. Best to have Florence Halo-Halo Mix 24oz in your cupboards so that whenever you have these sweet cravings, you will have sweets available right away.

Florence Halo-Halo Mix 24oz contains sweetened beans of different kinds, colors, and sizes. It also have fruits like banana, jackfruit, coconut gel or nata de coco, water, sugar palm fruit or kaong, coconut sport or macapuno. Florence Halo-Halo Mix 24oz has all these ingredients ready in each bottle. No need to cook. Just chill it then serve. If you want to experience the real halo-halo, pour Florence Halo-Halo Mix 24oz in a tall glass or a bowl. You can prepare three or more with this 24oz bottle. It depends how tall or big your container is as long as there is room for crushed ice and creamy evaporated milk later on top of the mixed ingredients. You can put ice cream or leche flan slice for toppings.

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