Florence Kaong Green 12oz - FLORENCE - Bottled Kaong

Florence Kaong Green 12oz
Green palm fruit for your halo-halo. What else could you put green palm fruit in?
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Engage your little kids in preparing great dishes for the holidays with Florence Kaong Green 12oz. This jar of green kaong will help you discover a different kind of snacks to create for your family since Florence Kaong Green 12oz contains sweet, soft, and green chewy kaong. Kaong is sugar palm fruit which is so abundant in the Philippines. It is freshly boiled and bottled so you can enjoy kaong anytime, anywhere.

Kaong is used to add flavor to your mouth-watering halo-halo, colorful, and sago cold drinks. Kaong puts color to your buko salad or macaroni salad. Without it, these desserts look bland. This is the reason why even though there's a lot of fruits already on these salads, you still want to add kaong to complete the presentation as well as the taste.

Let your kids enjoy preparing the food as you let them pick, spoon, and hold these green kaongs!"

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