Florence Kaong Red 12oz - FLORENCE - Bottled Kaong

Florence Kaong Red 12oz
Sweet palm nut in a bright red color for a festive halo-halo.
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Christmas is filled with family gatherings and get-togethers. Because of so many schedules, there are times when you do not have time to prepare and cook for dishes, or maybe too tired and no more energy to prepare. Good thing you can have ready and available ingredients which you can use right away. These pre-cooked ingredients give you less time to prepare and will give you more time to enjoy your creations.

Florence Kaong Red 12oz offers pre-cooked kaong to help you prepare for these festivities. Kaong is sugar palm fruit, freshly boiled and bottled so you can enjoy it anytime. It is sweet, soft, and chewy in texture. Kids love to look for it because it comes in rich red colors.

Instead of buying expensive ingredients for your cakes and pastries, try Florence Kaong Red 12oz instead. You can use it to design your cakes and pastries, colorful halo-halo cold delights, and cocktails during parties. It also comes in a large bottle so you can do a lot with just one bottle.

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