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Fortress Kamansi Spicy 6oz
Bring back the spice in your meals. Open a can of Kamansi Spicy and delight on the bread fruit soaked in coconut cream and hot spicy chili.
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Canned vegetables are turning into a fad nowadays. With the growing number of canned food products which offer wide variety of flavors, you get to have dishes you wish for anytime. You can enjoy nutritious and homey foods such as breadfruit in coconut cream in can just like Fortress Kamansi Spicy 6oz. It is complete meal in a can!

Canned spicy breadfruit and coconut cream can be a go to meal for students and school personnel to keep hunger at bay while at school and work. The savory breadfruit, creamy soup in spicy taste will provide you the energy needed for the day. Aside from its flavorful and satisfying taste, Fortress Kamansi Spicy 6oz is packed in handy easy to open can and not messy to eat. So whether at school, work, or even during travels in the outdoors, you can still have quick meals just like at home with every serving of Fortress Kamansi Spicy 6oz.

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