Frozen Bangus

Bangus can be prepared in many different ways. Fried, grilled, barbequed. It can even be added to soups or stewed in vinegar and spices. How do you like to eat yours? No matter how you like it, you will be happy to know that we sell it frozen. This means it's ready to eat whenever you're ready to cook it. Order yours today.

FilStop ships frozen foods across the continental US by carefully packing items in a small cooler filled with Techni Ice. The frozen food handling fee of $14.99 is a flat cost per-order, so stock up on your favorite frozen Filipino foods! Learn More.
Sarangani Bay Bangus Belly
In Stock: 25
3.10 lbs
Price: $8.69
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Sarangani Bay Baby Split Bangus Marinated (Bsm)
In Stock: 24
3.50 lbs
Price: $6.99
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Sarangani Bay Fresh Frozen Deboned Not Marinated Bangus (Ffd)
In Stock: 24
3.40 lbs
Price: $6.59
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Sarangani Bay Fresh Frozen Deboned Marinated Bangus (Ffdm)
In Stock: 19
3.40 lbs
Price: $7.49
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Sarangani Bay Sliced Cleaned Descaled Bangus (Scde)
In Stock: 14
3.50 lbs
Price: $9.79
_ +
Sarangani Bay Sliced Bangus With Scales
In Stock: 12
3.80 lbs
Price: $8.99
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Sarangani Bay Fresh Frozen Whole Bangus (Ffw)
Low Stock: 7
4.00 lbs
Price: $7.39
_ +
Sarangani Bay Baby Bangus Whole (Bbw)
Low Stock: 3
3.30 lbs
Price: $5.99
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Sarangani Bay Bangus Marinated Belly
Out of Stock
3.10 lbs
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Frozen Bangus

Bangus is a commonly eaten fish in the Philippines. It's a delicious fish that can be served fried, grilled or barbequed and can be added to soups or stewed in vinegar.

And the best part is that FilStop sells bangus frozen. This means you can keep it in your freezer until you're ready to cook it. No worrying about fresh fish that has to be eaten right away, or about finding the right ingredients. When you have the perfect ingredients and some time to cook it just the way you want it, all you have to do is pull it out of the freezer. Easy, right?

Like most fish, bangus is a healthy choice. It's loaded with B-complex vitamins, which helps with metabolism and skin health, and selenium which aids thyroid and immune function.

So you get a delicious tasting fish that can be cooked in many different ways, and you get a healthy meal. Isn't this the best kind of dinner?

Take a look at our selection of frozen bangus. We have a variety of different kinds such as deboned, split, marinated and with scales or without. No matter how you like to prepare this fish, you can find the right kind at FilStop.