Frozen Filipino Drinks and Juice

Get ready for flavor with FilStop's selection of frozen drinks. We carry fruit juices such as coconut, calamansi, mango and orange. We also have yummy yogurt drinks. Our frozen drinks help provide variety with your daily drinks. You don't just want to drink water all the time. So add some flavor. Order your frozen drinks today.

FilStop ships frozen foods across the continental US by carefully packing items in a small cooler filled with Techni Ice. The frozen food handling fee of $16.99 is a flat cost per-order, so stock up on your favorite frozen Filipino foods! Learn More.

Frozen Drinks

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Manila Gold Frozen Pure Calamansi 12pack 168g
In Stock: 620
2.50 lbs
Price: $3.59
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Lucky Delight Yogurt Drink 11oz
In Stock: 119
2.80 lbs
Price: $1.09
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Manila Gold Frozen Mango Nectar 12oz
In Stock: 61
3.00 lbs
Price: $4.19
_ +
Wei Chuan Frozen Yogurt Drink 10.5oz
Low Stock: 1
2.80 lbs
Price: $0.99
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3 Heads Elephant Frozen Young Coconut Juice 10.5fl.Oz
Out of Stock
2.80 lbs
Notify me when back in stock.
Aroy-D Frozen Coconut Drink 10.5oz
Out of Stock
2.80 lbs
Notify me when back in stock.
Manila Gold Frozen Calamansi Concetrate 12oz
Out of Stock
3.10 lbs
Notify me when back in stock.
Nathaniels Frozen Buko Pandan Juice 500ml
Out of Stock
1.10 lbs
Notify me when back in stock.
Wang Derm Frozen Coco Glace 7.75oz
Out of Stock
3.10 lbs
Notify me when back in stock.
Yakult Beverage 5pcs
Out of Stock
2.60 lbs
Notify me when back in stock.
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Frozen Filipino Drinks and Juice

Do you get tired of drinking water? Looking to add some flavor? You can do this by checking out FilStop's frozen drink selection to quench your thirst.

Water is a great choice to keep you hydrated. There's nothing like it. But do you want to only drink water? No. Of course not. You want to add some flavor to your day. Something tasty.

So, no more boring water all the time. You can mix up your beverage choices by adding juice. We have so many flavors of juice to choose from including coconut, calamansi, coco glace, mango and orange.

You can also try one of our frozen yogurt drinks. Delicious. Healthy. And definitely not boring.

With our frozen drink selection you can keep a few choices in your freezer. Ready to make whenever you crave a tasty drink.

Juice and yogurt drinks also make for a healthy drink to send in your child's lunch bag. They will be thrilled to see fruit juice in their lunch, instead of the same old water bottle.

So take a look through our frozen drink section at FilStop. You can easily add some flavor to your daily drinks. What's your favorite flavor?