Frozen Filipino Fruits

It can be hard to eat all of your fruit servings in a day. Especially if you crave your favorite fruits from the Philippines. FilStop makes it easy for you to enjoy your favorites every day with our selection of frozen fruit. Whether you like jackfruit, bananas, tamarind or mangoes we have it frozen and ready for you to order.

FilStop ships frozen foods across the continental US by carefully packing items in a small cooler filled with Techni Ice. The frozen food handling fee of $14.99 is a flat cost per-order, so stock up on your favorite frozen Filipino foods! Learn More.

Frozen Fruit

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Tropics Frozen Steamed Banana 16oz
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3.20 lbs
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Tropics Frozen Tamarind Fruit (Sampalok) 8oz
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2.70 lbs
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Wang Derm Frozen Durian Monthong
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2.20 lbs
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Wang Derm Frozen Rambutan 1lb
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3.10 lbs
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Frozen Filipino Fruits

Fruit is nature's dessert. It's so sweet. So full of flavor. So satisfying. It's hard to believe that it's also incredibly healthy. One of the healthiest foods out there. Eat your fruits and vegetables is said so often because it's so important. Not just because your mom likes to tell you what to do. Although she might like that part too.

But sometimes it can be really hard to make sure that we're eating enough fruit everyday. You don't want to buy too much from the store because it might go bad. And you don't want to buy too little because you want it available when you need it.

FilStop has a solution to this problem. We carry frozen fruit. Your favorite fruits from the Philippines. Frozen. Ready to eat whenever you want to eat it.

We carry a large variety of frozen fruit including: saba banana rolls with jackfruit, rambutan, peeled guava, custard fruit paste, palm hearts, bananas, jackfruit, banana blossoms, tamarind, mango and camias.

With all of these choices it's easy to get enough fruit servings everyday. Whether you eat it by itself or add it to a smoothie or mix it in a dessert. So many choices. And it's always ready in your freezer.