Frozen Meat

Vegetables are good. They are healthy. But they don't get people to the dinner table as quickly as meat. The aroma of cooking meat draws people to the stove. They want to see where that wonderful smell is coming from. Ready for more visitors in the kitchen? Then place your order for frozen meat with FilStop today.

FilStop ships frozen foods across the continental US by carefully packing items in a small cooler filled with Techni Ice. The frozen food handling fee of $14.99 is a flat cost per-order, so stock up on your favorite frozen Filipino foods! Learn More.

Frozen Meat

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Frozen Meat

We know we're supposed to fill our plates with vegetables. But isn't it the meat we enjoy the most?

Nobody runs into the kitchen yelling they are so excited to eat the carrots they smell cooking. But once you start cooking meat, its aromatic powers hypnotize every nose it reaches. There is something so powerful about the smell of cooking meat that gets our mouths watering. Anticipating the bold flavor of our favorite meat dishes.

It doesn't matter if you roast it, fry it, barbeque it or bake it. Meat just makes our stomachs grumble. Makes us look forward to the next meal. Makes us wish it was dinnertime already.

We're sorry if this is making you hungry. But we can help with your hunger. Take a look through the selection of frozen meats available at FilStop. We carry pork products such as pork tapa, pork skewers, pork snout and barbeque pork. We also have chicken and beef skewers, hot dogs and sausages.

Are you planning your next meal? Or maybe you have plans for the whole week? There are so many delicious dishes you can make with meat. And we make it easy by selling it frozen. You can store it in your freezer, so it's ready for you to cook your meat masterpieces any time you like.