Frozen Seafood

Filipinos know their seafood. When you're surrounded by water there are so many seafood options. So many recipes. Just check out our selection of frozen seafood: shrimp, calamari, clams, silver fish, crabmeat and much more. There will be no shortage of meal options with these delicious choices from FilStop.

FilStop ships frozen foods across the continental US by carefully packing items in a small cooler filled with Techni Ice. The frozen food handling fee of $14.99 is a flat cost per-order, so stock up on your favorite frozen Filipino foods! Learn More.

Frozen Seafood

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Pacific Frozen Silver Fish 16oz
In Stock: 93
3.10 lbs
Price: $3.69
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Qually Pak Squid 3Lbs
In Stock: 28
5.30 lbs
Price: $13.59
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Wei Chuan Frozen Crab Meat 1lb
In Stock: 12
3.10 lbs
Price: $2.39
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West Bay Frozen Seafood Mix 16oz (1lb)
In Stock: 11
3.20 lbs
Price: $2.99
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Qually Pak Squid 5lbs
Low Stock: 2
6.60 lbs
Price: $16.49
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Lotus Frozen Iqf Shrimp Cooked Pdto 31/40 2lbs
Low Stock: 1
4.30 lbs
Price: $22.59
_ +
Fiesta Del Mar Frozen Calamari (In Box) 35oz
Out of Stock
5.60 lbs
Notify me when back in stock.
San Pedros Pride Frozen California Squid 3lbs
Out of Stock
4.90 lbs
Notify me when back in stock.
Wei Chuan Iqf Shrimp Lotus Cooked Pud 2lbs
Out of Stock
4.30 lbs
Notify me when back in stock.
West Bay Frozen Carving Squid 1lb
Out of Stock
3.20 lbs
Notify me when back in stock.
West Bay Frozen Silver Fish 16oz
Out of Stock
2.70 lbs
Notify me when back in stock.
West Bay Frozen Silver Fish 8oz
Out of Stock
2.60 lbs
Notify me when back in stock.
West Bay Frozen Squid Rings 1lb
Out of Stock
3.20 lbs
Notify me when back in stock.
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Frozen Seafood

You know FilStop is going to rock the frozen seafood section. The Philippines is surrounded by water, surrounded by fish. We know our seafood.

Just take a look through our selection to see what we're talking about. Frozen shrimp, squid, calamari, lapu lapu, crabmeat, golden pompano, mud fish, silver fish and clams to name a few.

And it's all available frozen. So you can prepare your favorite seafood dishes whenever you're hit with a craving. Crave it every day? Better stock up.

With seafood there are so many options for meals. You can slowly simmer seafood, give it a fast fry or grill it on the barbeque. Your choice.

What kind of seafood will you choose first? Shrimp is scrumptious on its own. Or you can add some sauce for extra flavor. Maybe mix it in to a tantalizing bouillabaisse or a delicious rice dish? However you prepare shrimp, grateful diners will wolf it down. And that's just one seafood ingredient.

Imagine what you could make with the other seafood choices available at FilStop. Every dish will be devoured as soon as it hits the table. It's that delicious. Choose your frozen seafood and get ready for some tasty meals.