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Growers Savory Hot 3.53oz - GROWERS - Nuts

Growers Savory Hot 80g
Light on grease but rich on flavors and nutrients. A true all-time favorite by consumers of varies taste preferences. There's the Original Garlic flavor, the perfectly blended Honey Roasted, the tangy Oriental flavor, and the zesty Savoury Hot for those with even more adventurous palates.
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Every once in a while, we deserve a treat or little snacks that can make us feel motivated and inspired. Because after all the hard work and perseverance to continue, we should all have a break to take a rest, unwind and most of all, savor a hearty snack. Introducing, Growers Savory Hot 80G, a product that is specially made, seasoned and pack just for people like you.

This great product is high in quality and it can give you the same quality that you deserve. So do not settle for anything less but choose this tasty snack which is not so greasy but it is filled with inviting flavors and nutrients. So whenever you had just finished a major task or you are just feeling a little hungry along the way, do not hesitate to have some of this zesty and delicious Savory Hot. With every bite of this snack, you rest assured that your mouth will be filled with goodness and you will be left feeling satisfied and wanting for more.

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FilStop Filipino Food > Groceries > Snacks > Nuts > Growers Savory Hot 80g