I-Mei was founded in 1934 as a traditional Taiwanese confectionary. Due to high quality of its products, such as pineapple cakes and green bean cakes, I-Mei soon became a household name throughout Taiwan.

Imei 3 Pack Mix Chocolate 5.28oz
Imei Berry Much Blueberry French Cookies 3.17oz
Imei Berry Much Blueberry Wafer Stick 2.6oz
Imei Berry Much Strawberry French Cookies 3.17oz
Imei Chewy Candy Lemon 3.53oz
Imei Chewy Candy Orange 3.53oz
Imei Chewy Candy Passion 3.53oz
Imei Chewy Candy Strawberry 3.53oz
Imei Chocolate Cream Wafers 6.35oz
Imei Chocolate Wafer Roll 13.05oz
Imei Coffee Beans In Chocolait 5.29oz
Imei Cream Cracker Cheese 6.7oz
Imei Cream Crackers Whole Meal 23.2oz
Imei Crunchoco 4.9oz
Imei Honey Oats Egg Biscuit 4.94oz
Imei Ice Cream Omochi Sesame 10pcs
Imei Multi-Grain Cracker (Oats) 4.76oz
Imei Multi-Grain Cracker 4.7oz
Imei Vanila Wafer Roll 13.05oz
Imei Vanilla Cream Wafers 7.05oz
Imei Vanilla Egg Biscuit 4.94oz
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