Jack n' Jill Delicious Filipino Snack Foods

What better time is there than snack time? Nothing that we know of. And snack time is even more enjoyable with the huge selection of Jack Jill snacks from FilStop. Enjoy Magic Flakes, Wafrets Brix Chocolate and Puff Corn Caramel among many others. Of course, we can't forget the potato chips, but there's too many flavors to name here, so scroll through and choose your favorites.

Jack Jill Sea Crunch Prawn Sticks Chili 2.12oz
Jack Jill Taquitos Cheese 3.53oz
Jack Jill Taquitos Spiced Up 3.5oz
Jack Jill Vcut Caldereta 2.29oz
Jack Jill Vcut Sweet  Chilli 2.29oz
Jack Jill Vega Vegetable Snack 2.65oz
Jack Jill Wiggles Choco Coated Mallows 0.88oz
Jack Jill Wiggles Mocha Coated Mallows 4.23oz
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