Jufran Banana Ketchup 12oz - JUFRAN - Banana Ketchup

Jufran Banana  Sauce 12oz
You will love your lumpia, pork chop, fried chicken, and hotdogs if you have Jufran Banana Sauce 12oz as your dip or sauce along with this fried food. Unlike tomato sauce, Jufran Banana Sauce 12oz is sweeter because it is made of mashed banana instead of tomatoes. Great for pasta and even pizzas.

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Now is the time to spice things up with Jufran Banana Sauce 12oz! This is a very reliable product when it comes to bringing the best with your usual, simple and plain rice meals. It is good because it is very affordable, it is made with the best ingredients and spices and it compliments your usual foods to make it better.

When it comes to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, fried foods are always at the top of your options because it is quick and easy to make like fried eggs, hotdogs, longganisa, chicken nuggets, and others. That is why with Jufran Banana Sauce 12oz, you can make it tastier and balance out the salty flavor with this sweet and spicy goodness. In addition, it also fits in your budget that is why there is no need to worry about its price. Lastly, it is made with some top-quality ingredients to serve you the best dipping sauce you will ever have!

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