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Kapuso Chick Peas 32oz
Chick peas are great party appetizers and party starters. Just fry them and you will have crunchy chick peas for everyone.
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From creamy dip to crunchy chick peas, you will surely love this amazing product called KAPUSO CHICK PEAS 32OZ. Chick peas are small, white types of legumes which are considered staple in every ones homes. They are usually used as party appetizers and party starters, but most of all chick peas comes in handy if you do not have anything for meal because they are already enough for a meal. Whether it is just scrambled eggs or meat dish, once you add chick peas, its taste transforms and gives a satisfying taste up to the last bite.

KAPUSO CHICK PEAS 32OZ is a large bottle which can be used for several times. It is your choice of chick peas for huge parties and various events which may happen on holidays or victories in life. Whether it is just snacks or main course, do not forget to include chick peas as ingredient.

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