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Kapuso Jackfruit 12oz
Jackfruit is a tropical fruit which is a great addition to your favorite desserts, rice cakes, fruit salad and halo halo.

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Do you love to eat jackfruit but is so lazy to get its pulp because it is messy and it takes time. Good thing there's Kapuso Jackfruit 12oz that offers ready to eat, single and seedless jackfruit to enjoy in a bottle. Since it is a bottled snack, it is best if you chill Kapuso Jackfruit 12oz first before you serve it so that you can enjoy its sweet and delicious taste.

Jackfruit is a great addition to the numerous ingredients of halo-halo. It also changes the taste and aroma of ginataan or rice cake recipes. Jackfruit has a yellow pulp and is naturally sweet even without sugar once it is ripe. It also has a sweet aroma which invites appetite and happy eating. Because of its abundance in the Philippines, Filipinos also made it as ice cream flavor especially during summer season. Enjoy its goodness with every bottle of Kapuso Jackfruit 12oz.

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