Kapuso Kaong Green 12oz - KAPUSO - Bottled Kaong

Kapuso Kaong Green 12oz
Our KAPUSO KAONG is a green, sweet palm fruit used in desserts and cooking, preserved in natural cane sugar. It is also known as Kaong.
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Are you feeling down and bored? Why not ignite your creativity and work on your hands by making colorful fruit snacks and baking gorgeous cakes? With Kapuso Kaong Green 12oz, you can create wonderful desserts like fruit salad, cakes, and even the famous Pinoy Halo-halo.

Kapuso Kaong Green 12oz contains kaong or sugar palm fruit in green color. You will love this sweet fruit because it is soft and chewy in texture - just perfect for colorful cold snacks like fruit salads, cocktails, and delightful halo-halo. There is no limit on what you can create with Kapuso Kaong Green 12oz. To prepare, chill Kapuso Kaong Green 12oz first. It is already pre-cooked so you do not have to worry about cooking it. You just have to mix Kapuso Kaong Green with other ingredients to enjoy it fully. It is best to use Kapuso Kaong Green 12oz during special occasions to savor the moment better.

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