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Kapuso Kaong Green 32oz
Kapuso Kaong Green 32oz is Perfect as a dessert topping
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Among Filipinos, it is imperative that in every occasion there must be a dessert to climax the occasion. Normally it is a big enticing cake, delectable and colorful salad, or simple yet halo-halo cold delights. All these desserts have one thing in common. They are prepared with kaong or the sugar palm fruit and Kapuso Kaong Green 32oz offers such sweet fruits for you to enjoy. Chill the jar for some time. Get a spoon and a tall glass or bowl and enjoy eating it. No need to cook.

Kaong is sugar palm fruit that is chewable and slippery but at the same time, it is soft and is sweet to taste. Kids love its green color and chewy texture. It is so easy to distinguish it in a mixture of fruits because of its oval shape. Whenever you have family occasions, always include Kapuso Kaong Green 32oz to the star of the occasion such as your cakes, salad, and desserts.

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