Kapuso Macapuno String 12oz - KAPUSO - Bottled Macapuno

Kapuso Macapuno String 12oz
Kapuso Macapuno String Coconut Sport in Syrup is a very rare variety of the naturally occurring coconut tree that in physical appearance looks exactly like any other common tree but is different in the contents of the fruit.
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Macapuno or coconut sport is not your ordinary coconut fruit. It has more flesh, jelly-like texture, and softer compared to the regular coconut meat. It is so popular in tropical countries just like the Philippines, and because of its abundance, Filipinos have created different mouthwatering desserts with it and for it. Kapuso Macapuno String 12oz makes sure you will still get and enjoy the macapuno flavor wherever you are since it is made available in bottles. If you love desserts and have sweet tooth, then try and taste these delectable and sweet macapuno strings. Add it on your pastries and cakes, ice cream, halo-halo, and on your fruit salad. It is already pre-cooked and is naturally sweet so you can even eat it as it is. It depends on your appetite but because of its goodness, you can finish Kapuso Macapuno String 12oz even in one sitting. That's how delectable it is.

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