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Kapuso Sweet Banana 12oz
Sweet and nutritious snack which you can enjoy with the whole family. Ready to eat in an easy to open bottle.
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Bananas are the most favorite fruit of kids and people of all ages. Bananas are abundant in tropical countries such as Philippines. Bananas are great for your health because of its richness in vitamins and minerals. Kapuso Sweet Banana 12oz offers sweet bananas which are your perfect snack to serve during parties, get together, meetings, or just an ordinary day stroll in the park.

Kapuso Sweet Banana 12oz comes in a glass bottle so, it is better if you chill it first before you serve it. Also, you don't need to consume it immediately after opening. Save some for more snack time later. And since it is in a bottle, it is so easy to put it in your pack bags or school bags and in your pockets so, you can carry it with you and taste it anytime, anywhere. It is a healthy snack during break time at school or lunch break at work.

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