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Kayumanggi Kaong Red 32oz
Red jackfruit adds a twist to your Halo-Halo.
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Life is a series of ups and downs. We all face different problems and trials. But having these obstacles should not bring us down and every once in a while we deserve to take a break and savor moments. One way to enjoy sweet moments is to have delicious treats that scream victory and joy.

And to help you have a twist to your basic delights, you should use Kayumanggi Kaong Red 32oz. This amazing and wonderful product is just perfect for delicious treats. This mouth-watering red sugar palm fruit adds a twist to your Halo-Halo or even to other desserts that you, or your family like. It is nicely packed on a glass container with an easy open lid to help you have a quick and hassle-free preparation. It is just right to put some extra love and ingredients like Kayumanggi Kaong Red 32oz to your table to fully taste the flavors of life.

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