Kim's is widely popular for its truly oriental sweet & spicy flavor.Blending simple and flavorful elements into one preparation.
Kims Chicken Cracklings 2oz
Kims Beef Steak Sauce 10.41oz
Kims Beef W Broccoli Mix .87oz
Kims Chicken Cracklings Barbeque 2oz
Kims Dweaji Kalbi Mix Sweet  Spicy Ribs 1.76oz
Kims Egg Drop Soup Mix 0.95oz
Kims Fried Rice Mix .81oz
Kims Kung Pao Chicken .87oz
Kims Sweet Chili Sauce 12.5oz
Kims Teriyaki Marinade 10.4oz
Kims Teriyaki Marinade 2oz
Kims Tom Yum Soup 1.76oz
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