Laguna Kaong 12oz - LAGUNA - Bottled Kaong

Laguna Kaong 12oz
Sweet sugar palm nut for your desserts.
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Plan ahead your desserts this coming holiday season. You can use one basic ingredient like Laguna Kaong 12oz which offers white sugar palm fruits to decorate and mix with different ingredients and create numerous kinds of desserts, snacks, and even cakes and pastries. There is no limit with what you can do with this one jar of Laguna Kaong 12oz.

This holiday season, level up your food creations with simple and affordable ingredients like Laguna Kaong 12oz. It is already cooked. All you have to do is chill these sugar palm fruits so you can really taste its sweet, soft, tender, and chewy texture. Kids love to look for this sugar palm fruit because of its small, oval shape and its sweet yummy taste. If you want to get their attention, prepare delicious snacks using this Laguna Kaong 12oz. Let them have fun looking for it in each dessert or snacks that you prepare.

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