Laguna Nata De Coco 12oz - LAGUNA - Bottled Nata De Coco

Laguna Nata De Coco 12oz
Coconut gel thats sweet and ready to eat.
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This Christmas, give your heart away to the people that you love and who has supported and guided you in your journey. Share to them a sweet and special treat that can be appreciated more if you will do it for them. One good product to help you with your preparation for some Christmas dessert is called Laguna Nata de coco 12 oz. This is a high-quality coconut jelly which is juicy, sweet and very delicious yummies that you can mix along with some usual fruit salad, fruit cocktail, buko salad, drinks or even Halo-halo! You can just make some easy and breezy recipes but still have a bomb dessert with the help and boost of Laguna Nata de coco 12 oz on it! Make the best desserts and sweet treats by using this great product. Say Merry Christmas and happy new year to the people around you because with Laguna Nata de coco 12 oz, all your dessert will surely give you a total Christmas and holiday feels!

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