Lingayen Shrimp Fry 12oz - LINGAYEN - Bottled Bagoong

Lingayen Shrimp Fry 12oz
A pungent sauce made from tiny shrimps and salt. This is a delicious addition to your stir fry or Ginataang Langka.
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Lingayen is the capital town of the province of Pangasinan in the northern part of the Philippines. It faces the Lingayen Gulf, that is why it is abundant in natural marine resources like tiny shrimps as well as salt in its coastlines.

Filipinos transformed these resources into condiments that completed the Filipino taste and benefitted from it in return. Shrimp fry is now Lingayen Shrimp Fry 12oz is now one of the quality product of the Philippines. You can easily use it in your omelets, soups, sauces, dips, and different kinds of dishes. It has a salty taste that will complete your dishes. It is salted right after it is freshly harvested, fermented, and put into jars for export. It is fully sealed since it really has the pungent odor of bagoong. Once opened, you will really enjoy the goodness of Shrimp Fry. Grab one now and discover new dishes with this great product from the Philippines.

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