Lucia Brand Food and Beverages

Lucia is a brand that carries a wide variety of your favorite Filipino foods and drinks. At FilStop you can find everything from canned jackfruit to taro leaves to dried salted herring - and everything in between. Go ahead and look for yourself. There are four pages of delicious offerings from Lucia - we told you it was a wide variety. You won't be disappointed.

Lucia Crispy Anchovies Hot  Spicy 5.6oz
Lucia Crispy Sapsap 5.3oz
Lucia Crispy White Tuyo 4.9oz
Lucia Dried Mangoes 3.5oz
Lucia Dried Mangoes 7oz
Lucia Dried Salted Silver Fish (Dilis) 4oz
Lucia Frozen Bisugo 2.2lbs
Lucia Frozen Golden Caesio (Dalagang Bukid) 2.2lbs
Lucia Frozen Saba 16oz
Lucia Frozen Sea Grape Seaweeds (Latu In Brine) 7oz
Lucia Frozen Smoked SardinesTuloy  8oz
Lucia Frozen Tamban Sardines 2.2lbs
Lucia Frozen Turon Banana Roll 16oz
Lucia Ground Black Pepper .7oz
Lucia Pilipit (Twisted Bread) 4.59oz
Lucia Pilipit 7.05oz
Lucia Saffron Flower 1oz
Lucia Spicy Squid 3.20oz
Lucia Wafer Chocolate 9.88oz
Lucia Wafer Mocca 9.88oz
Lucia Wafer Pandan 9.88oz
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