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Markys Barquillos 3oz - MARKYS - Pinoy Biscuits

Markys Barquillos 3oz
You can eat Marky's barquillos with your favorite ice cream. You can also put polvoron in the hollow center of Marky's barquillos, you'll be making barquiron. Barquiron is barquillos with polvoron.

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Enjoy these sweet and yummy delight of rolled wafer sticks with Markys Barquillos which is 3 oz. Markys Barquillos is a product made in the Philippines that is why it is local. It reminds you of home and also all the festivities that the Filipinos love to have. So when everytime you are feeling hungry, choose the best, and choose Markys Barquillos. It is tube pastries which ensure quality taste and it does not compromise the freshness and crispiness which is packed hygienically and conveniently on a rectangular packaging. The package is clear in front so you can have a glimpse of it even if it is still closed. You will not be disappointed because this is very affordable and very reliable in times of need. You do not need a gift wrapper anymore because Markys Barquillos 3oz is already packed beautifully. They would definitely feel special just as how these rolled wafer sticks are specially made to please and give delight.

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FilStop Filipino Food > Groceries > Snacks > Wafers > Markys Barquillos 3oz