Looking for a healthy, natural and flavorful alternative to potato chips? Try Maxi chips, made from fresh vegetables. Once you start snacking on these, you’ll find it hard to stop.

Maxi Cassava Chips Black Pepper 3oz
Maxi Cassava Crackers 4oz
Maxi Cassava Hot  Spicy 4oz
Maxi Cassava Chips Original 4oz
Maxi Cassava Crackers Bbq 4oz
Maxi Cassava Crackers Hot Spicy 4oz
Maxi Taro Black Pepper Chips 3oz
Maxi Taro Chips Hot  Spicy 3.5oz
Maxi Taro Chips Original 3.5oz
Maxi Taro Chips Wasabi 3.5oz
Maxi Mixed Roots Coriander Sea Salt Flavor Chips 2.8oz
Maxi Mixed Roots Rosemarie Garlic Flavor Chips 2.8oz
Maxi Mixed Roots Salt And Vinegar Chips 2.8oz
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