My San Filipino Snack Foods

Crackers and cookies are two of our favorite foods that start with the letter C. Wouldn't you agree? And you can find My San crackers and cookies at FilStop. We've got some of the nicest flavors including onion and chive, garlic, lemon and chocolate for you to enjoy. So scroll through the selection of My San snacks and place your order through FilStop today.

My San Healthins Soda Crackers 800g
My San Lions Cream Crackers 300g
My San Marie Biscuits 8.47oz
My San Skyflakes 2lbs
My San Skyflakes Cheese 7oz
My San Skyflakes Classic Assorted 1.4kg
My San Skyflakes Condensada 12 Pk 360g
My San Skyflakes Crackers Fit With Oat Fiber 200g
My San Skyflakes Crackers Fit With Omega-3 7.05oz
My San Skyflakes Onion N Chives And Garlic Variety Pack 7oz
My San Skyflakes Tsokolate (Chocolate) 9.4oz
My San Skyflakes Tsokolate Chocolate 12 Pk 360G
My San Windmill Choco Vanilla Wafers 28g
My San Windmill Choco Wafers 28g
My San Windmill Vanilla Wafers 28g
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