Nails Cuticle Remover 120ml - NAILS - Lotion

Product of the Philippines. Philippines very own cuticle remover.

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Nails Cuticle Remover is one of the essential beauty tools any girl should have. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Having dirty fingernails as well as toenails reflect how clean is a person inside and out. To always look and feel clean at all times, clean your nails regularly with Nails Cuticle Remover together with a cuticle pusher. This pink liquid loosens dry, dead skin around the cuticle so you can easily remove them and makes your nails clean and good once again.

The bottle container is plastic and it has a small opening so to keep you from spilling it all at once. Pour a little amount on a small container like the cap, and get the nail cuticle remover from there instead of the bottle itself. Nails Cuticle Remover is so easy to use that even little girls could also do clean their toenails with the guidance of an adult. Boys and males could also use it to clean their finger and toenails. It does not lessen their masculinity using it. In fact, it is also a hygiene tool for them.

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