Oishi Brand Filipino Snack Foods

Isn't snack food the best? Especially when it's Oishi snack foods from the Philippines. FilStop carries a great selection of delicious Oishi snack foods including Marty's Cracklin' Spicy Vinegar flavor, Spicy Prawn Crackers and Pillows Chocolate. It's hard to pick just one from the many choices, so don't be surprised if you end up ordering one or two of each.

Oishi Bread Pan Cheese  Onion 0.92oz
Oishi Bread Pan Garlic Flavor 0.92oz
Oishi Chip Cheese 2.29oz
Oishi Fiber And Fruit Apple 500ml
Oishi Fiber And Fruit Peach 500ml
Oishi Gourmet Picks Potato Chips Kimchi Flavor 4.59oz
Oishi Gourmet Picks Potato Chips Wasabi  Nori Flavor 4.59oz
Oishi Multi Grain Bbq 1.41oz
Oishi Multi Grain Onion 1.4oz
Oishi Oheya Cheese 1.41oz
Oishi Pillows Choco-Hazelnut Thin 1.20oz
Oishi Pillows Chocolate 1.59oz
Oishi Potato Crisp Bacon  Cheese 50g
Oishi Potato Crisp Creamy Cheese 50g
Oishi Potato Crisp Creamy Garlic 50g
Oishi Potato Crisp Tomato 50g
Oishi Prawn Crackers Black Pepper 2.12oz
Oishi Smart C Lemon Squeeze 500ml
Oishi Smart C Orange Crush 500ml
Oishi Smart C Pomelo Grapefruit Juice Drink 500ml
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