Pandesal, also known as bread of salt, is a delicious bread enjoyed every day. With its crispy outside and chewy inside, it's a snack that can be eaten any time you like. It's good on its own, or with your favorite spread or filling. FilStop has a variety of Filipino pandesal, so take a look through our selection.

Pan De Sal

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Bibingkafe Special Bibingka 2pc 2oz
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0.60 lbs
Price: $4.00
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Christines Bake Shop Cheese Cup Cake
In Stock: 60
0.50 lbs
Price: $2.29
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Christines Bake Shop Spanish Bread In Box
In Stock: 56
1.00 lbs
Price: $4.50
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Christines Bake Shop Ensaymada Plain
In Stock: 33
0.60 lbs
Price: $1.79
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Christines Bake Shop Baliwag Pan De Sal 20oz
In Stock: 32
2.50 lbs
Price: $2.90
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Christines Bake Shop Pan De Sal 30oz
In Stock: 28
3.00 lbs
Price: $2.49
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Christines Bake Shop Hopia Baboy 10pcs
In Stock: 12
1.60 lbs
Price: $5.75
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Fritzies Hopia Baboy
Low Stock: 8
1.20 lbs
Price: $6.00
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Bibingkafe Special Bibingka Salted Egg 2pc 2oz
Low Stock: 4
0.60 lbs
Price: $4.00
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Bibingkafe Special Bibingka With Cheese 2pc 2oz
Out of Stock
0.60 lbs
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Bibingkafe Special Bibingka With Macapuno 2pc 2oz
Out of Stock
0.60 lbs
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No day is complete for a Filipino without eating pandesal. A traditional and common staple food, it is also known as bread of salt. You can start your day with Filipino pandesal, have it for lunch, or as part of your dinner. No matter when or how you eat pan de sal, it will be enjoyed. It's always a reliable and appetizing treat.

For breakfast you can dip it in your coffee or toast it and add your favorite spread whether that's jam, peanut butter or butter. At lunchtime you can add your favorite filling. And at dinner you can make it into a pizza or eat it as a side to the main meal. You can even make it desert by topping it with chocolate or cinnamon sugar.

It's even good on its own.

What's more comforting than bread? That wonderful texture. Crispy on the outside, chewy and delicious on the inside. It makes you feel like you're eating something substantial, something that will give you energy for the day. No wonder it's so popular.

The added bonus, of course, is how good it tastes.

Check out the selection of pan de sal brands offered at FilStop. We carry Christine's Bake Shop, Coco Banana and Goldilocks. Order yours today.