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Pinoy Ware Nail Pusher
Both ends can be used to polish your nails. Clean the nail cuticle or dirt. Both ends have different shapes, applied for different functions. Suitable for Professional Salon use or home use.
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Nails Cuticle Remover is useless without the cuticle nail pusher. It is a stainless steel beauty tool that has two different ends. The other edge has a pointed end while the other is a flat square end. Once you put the nail cuticle remover to loosen dry, dead skin around the cuticle, gently push it back to the cuticle by using the flat edge of the cuticle nail pusher to remove the dirt and dry, dead skin on the nail bed. To clean the inside of the nail, use the pointed end of the cuticle nail pusher.

Just keep this cuticle nail pusher away from children because the pointed edge might hurt them and we do not want to have any mishaps happening with just a small hygienic tool. Nevertheless, this steel cuticle nail pusher is for home and salon use. Whether you are a professional salon worker or just a teenager, you could easily use this beauty tool without any fuss at all.

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