Filipino Polvoron

Polvoron is the perfect snack to enjoy some quiet time. Just you, a relaxing spot, some coffee or tea and a polvoron. Sounds blissful, doesn't it? Check our selection of polvoron flavors such as chocolate, strawberry or mango. FilStop carries every terrific taste you crave. Order a few and get ready to unwind.


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Tropics Classic Box Polvoron 18pcs 8.46oz
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Tropics Coated Polvoron Cookies N Cream 12pcs 8.46oz
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Tropics Coated Polvoron Pinipig 12pcs 8.46oz
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Filipino Polvoron

It's tempting to wolf down a polvoron, but it's more enjoyable to slowly savor these delights. They are the perfect snack to have when you want some time to unwind.

Imagine you're sitting in a comfortable chair. Your feet are up. It's quiet and there is nobody trying to get your attention. No phone ringing. No kids running around.

You have a hot cup of coffee. You might think it doesn't get any better than this, but you would be wrong.

Now imagine dunking your choco vron polvoron in your coffee. Now take a bite.

It got better, didn't it?

It's incredible to think that just a few simple ingredients, powdered milk, sugar, egg, flour and butter, can make something taste so incredibly delicious. A luxurious treat.

But they aren't just a treat. They are an experience. An experience where you get to relax and enjoy your snack. The only stressful part is deciding which flavors to choose.

Take a look through the flavors that FilStop has for you. We have chocolate covered, mango, cookies and cream, peanut, strawberry and melon to name just a few.

So make your choices, order a few. You'll want as many chances to relax as possible.