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Regent Mocca Cake 10 Pk 7.05oz
Chocolate and milk combined with coffee is mocha. Make it a cake and you will have mochalicious treat. Round and fluffy, soft and sweet, chocolatey and milky is this Regent Mocca Cake. The moist, luscious mocca cake will definitely bring delight in every bite. Since it has ten pieces per pack, you've got your friends covered.
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Teenagers and adults usually choose mocha flavored desserts and pastries. Probably because of coffee on it that is why Regent Mocca Cake 7.05oz is also a popular baked product from Regent. This round and soft brown cake is a hit because of its distinct mocha aroma, as well as its mocha taste. The soft and moist cake meets the bittersweet taste of mocha. It makes you think of coffee and milk together during working breaks. The aroma of mocha in every piece of Regent Mocca Cake will wake you up during times when you need to study for an exam or work on a research paper. So make sure you have a lot of these all the time.

Regent Mocca Cake 7.05oz has ten pieces of sponge mocha flavored cake and is so handy and convenient for students and workers for their snack and break time. Partner it with soft drinks or coffee and you will have more fun-filled break time. Happy snacking!

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