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Saba Sardines Afritada 5oz
Just like Afritada that uses tomato sauce, so is these sardines also uses rich, delicious tomato sauce
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Kill your boredom as you prepare mouth-watering sandwiches, bread, and crackers topped with the goodness of Saba Sardines Afritada 5oz. Beat that boring day by having a product which is light, just the right taste, and has versatile flavor which you can use into different ways to enjoy and munch on. That is possible with Saba Sardines Afritada 5oz. With its peppery sauce because it is afritada, you will forget about whatever that keeps you bored and just keep on enjoying it to your heart's contentment. It will keep you pre-occupied and kill time while you are having it. Afritada is another popular Filipino meat dish that uses tomato sauce.

Also, these delectable sardines are great treats for one's self after work, school, or a stressful moment. Aside from its delicious taste, Saba Sardines Afritada 5oz is high in protein and nutrients so you better have it in your meals.

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