Saba Squid Bopis 5oz - SABA - Canned Squid

Saba Squid Bopis 5oz
Bopis is spicy and delicious. So is squid in bopis flavor.
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Kapampangans are famous for bopis. It is a Filipino meat dish of chopped pork meat particularly the internal organs like heart part sauted with onions, garlic and ginger and sprinkled with spices including bay leaves and vinegar to taste. If you happen to miss this authentic Filipino dish, then it is about time you try Saba Squid Bopis 5oz. Instead of pork meat, you get chopped squid cooked in bopis style. This variety of Saba product is best when you are drinking beer or during parties. It is a great appetizer especially it comes in spicy taste. You will definitely get entertained with its yummy taste as you drink your beverage.

Saba Squid Bopis 5oz is a quick meal in itself. No need to chop and cooked. Just open the can and indulge yourself with its delectable taste. Grab yours now and have a fun filled drinking session with Saba Squid Bopis 5oz.

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