Filipino Seasoning, Sauces,
and Marinades

The world is a better place because of Filipino sauce. At least we think so. Foods like vegetables and meats taste good on their own. But add sauce, seasoning, or marinade and you taste greatness. We have several pages of choices to show you how much we love sauces. Find anything from duck sauce to seasmi oil and adobo marinade at FilStop.

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Tropics Liquid Seasoning 500ml
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Wei Chuan  Dumpling Sauce 6.5oz
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Wei Chuan Dumpling Sauce Hot 6.5oz
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Wei Chuan Pure Sesame Oil 12oz
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Filipino Seasoning, Sauces, and Marinades

FilStop has several pages of sauces, seasonings, and marinades for you to choose from. Just imagine the meals you can make with this many sauces. Just imagine the meals you can eat!

Let's start with chicken. We all love to eat chicken. Now add sauce. Any kind of sauce. It can be spicy. It can be sweet. It can be both. And with a few different sauces in your fridge and cupboard, you can come up with endless ideas to flavor your chicken. And that's just chicken.

Shall we move on to other meals improved with sauce? Boil some noodles. Steam some veggies and fry some sliced pork. Noodles, vegetables and pork are all tasty. But now add seasoning and saute it all together. Those chewy noodles, yummy veggies and mouth-watering pork slices are now vehicles of goodness. And that vehicle is going straight for your mouth. Did you just open your mouth?

So, start scrolling through our pages of Filipino sauce, seasoning, and marinade flavors and styles including calamansi, hot chili, barbeque, sweet spicy, sweet and sour, teriyaki, adobo, mechado, buffalo wing, sesame, garlic, soy, spring roll, black bean and hoisin.

We could go on, but perhaps you need a snack break. A snack that includes sauce? Order your favorites sauces from FilStop.