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FilStop Secure Site

FilStop, Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and safeguarding your information. Read below to find out how we protect you.

We Don't Save Credit Card Information

Your credit card name, number, expiry and CVV are submitted directly to our payment processor who then returns a declined or approved status to us. We don't see or save your credit card information.

We Provide Secure Transactions

FilStop SSL

We run our entire site on SSL which encrypts your information using the latest SSL encryption algorithms from Symantec, a leading provider of website security certificates.

We Secure Our Site

We take site security seriously, and hire capable developers and server administrators to apply upgrades and patches to keep our site secure.

A Company You Can Trust

Now the largest Filipino owned store on the East Coast, FilStop has been in business since 1973 and our commitment to quality and service is as strong as ever.

We take pride in our company and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

FilStop Filipino Food > FilStop Secure Site