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Sina Ginger Candy 4oz
If you want something to soothe your sore throat, try the Sina Ginger Candy 7oz.
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Having an itchy throat? Go with Sina Ginger Candy 7oz! You cannot go wrong with this ginger flavored candy. Ginger is a great way to relieve itchy and sore throat and whenever someone asked you for a great relief, you can always give them Sina Ginger Candy! This is something that they dont want to miss out since it is an enjoyable way to taste a sweet candy with soothing relief of the itchy throat! And if you are a true fan of soothing freshness, then Sina Ginger Candy 7oz is the right candy for you. This is something that you really needed.

The perfect way to sooth your throat and give you a day booster is to try Sina Ginger Candy 7oz on FilStop store. This is a great addition to the large selection of ginger candies we are offering. Add to the fact the Sina Ginger Candy 7oz has been a great companion in every Filipino home, you know you are tasting Philippines with this winner candy. So don't let another day go by without getting your hands these breath-soothing candies!

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FilStop Filipino Food > Groceries > Snacks > Candies > Sina Ginger Candy 4oz