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T2 - Clair (MARICEL SORIANO) is a compassionate woman who reunites orphaned children with their relatives. When her husband wanted to seperate from her, Clair decides to take where she meets Angeli (MIKA DELA CRUZ), a strange orphan who just lost her parents in an accident. Clair i s then tasked to bring the kid to a tenement in Manila, where she will be welcomed by her aunt who will adopt her. On their way out of the province, Clair notices a lot of strange things that are happening around them. Angeli keeps saying that somebody will get her just before she reaches her 9th birthday. It is only when they reached the tenement that Clair finds out that a powerful force is out to get the kid and they will stop at nothing to succeed in their mission. Armed only with the responsibility of bringing the child away from her misfortune, Clair struggles to save Angeli and give her a life that is different from her destiny.

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