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Tanyag Kropeck 100g

Tanyag Kropeck 100g
Deep fried, salty and crispy, savory and crunchy is Tanyag Kropek 100g. Packed in a large 100g plastic container, Tanyag Kropek is definitely for groups, families, and friends who just want to have a good time together while eating snacks. If you need party starters or pulutan for occasions, Tanyag Kropek 100g is your best choice to have.

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What more good way to relax after a tiring day is to have a lovely treat on your side. Introducing, Tanyang Kropek 100g, a flavorful crackers, perfect to munch on your free time. A nice 100g bag of Tanyang Kropek is the best to have as an appetizer before savouring a good meal on big occasions and gathering or you can just simply savour it to replenish your energy and strength. It is definitely delicious because it is full of flavors and filled with ocean goodness and crunchy texture with each bite. Hear the sensation of its crackling sound in every bite and it will immediately melts into your mouth. So give in to this amazing Tanyang Kropek 100g that is just simply irresistible and have the best time of your life with some amazing food to accompany you, along the way! Tanyang Kropek 100g, a true delight to share with friends!

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FilStop Filipino Food > Groceries > Snacks > Fish Snacks > Tanyag Kropeck 100g