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Temple Cooked Dry Peas 6oz
Enjoy green peas in your vegetable and meat dishes. You can also add these yummy green peas to your fried rice.
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Make your next meal more colorful by adding a vegetable dish into your table. By doing this, you will not just attract the attention of your family and loved ones every meal time but you can also incorporate healthy choices in your food serving. Along with your journey is a perfect partner for your next vegetable goodies. It is none other than, Temple Cooked Dry Peas 6oz! This is a very handy product because it is packed in a tin can, so you can store on your kitchen cabinet and open it any time you want to spice up your menu for the day. You can never go wrong by buying some of this wonderful product because it really adds to the overall taste of your dish and it gives a nice savory and crunchy texture to your usual meat or vegetable recipe. So, do not hesitate to grab yours now because it is never too late to try something new. Have some of this amazing Temple Cooked Dry Peas 6oz, a convenient and easy way to make your family have sufficient nutrients!

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