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Tropics Kaong Red 12oz
This is red sweet palm fruit, its colorful and delicious.
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Red attracts attention. Once a red colored ingredient is added to any food, it produces a beautiful output. This coming holidays where everything is shiny and beautiful, try adding Tropics Kaong Red 12oz to your food creations and experience beautiful product outputs afterward. Tropics Kaong Red 12oz is one of the ingredients that you must always have for food, desserts, and snacks. This jar of red kaong helps you discover a different kind of colorful food creations for your family since Tropics Kaong Red 12oz contains sweet, soft, and red chewy sugar palm fruits. Kaong is so abundant in the Philippines. It is freshly boiled and bottled so you can enjoy red kaong anytime, anywhere. Since Tropics Kaong Red 12oz is in a jar, use all its contents in different recipes and afterward, use the jar of Tropics Kaong Red 12oz in other things that will benefit you such as beautiful decoration or decor in your home.

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